Kinbane Castle (North Coast Of Ireland Ruins) + Bits And Bobs

this is kinbane castle, it was such a hike down to it counting 130 odds steps .. the longish downwards spiral to the most peaceful and beautiful ruin its well worth the walk but i would never of heard of it unless like i did was adventuring about the coast so keep your eyes out for it!

, built in 1547

( shes not bad looking for her age considering shes been blasted by cannons by the british back in 1555)

top 5 places to vist when your up the north of the island

When you finally get to the bottom of this ruin your breath will be taken away with this eye popping scenery of gorgeous pure land


Half Moon


The Great Outdoors.

Pictures By Kellie


Purple rain

Coloured Water, Countryside, amazing dusk sky


Love the sades of the water in this photograph


Kellie x





Northern ireland countryside


Kellie x






Another amazing dusk picture, soo pretty



Kellie x